April 17, 2024


Affiliate Disclosure

A website called rediscoverurhealth.com is part of affiliate advertising programs. These programs let websites make money by advertising and linking to certain stores and service providers. In other words, rediscoverurhealth.com might get a cut of sales made through affiliate links on our site if someone buys something from one of our carefully chosen partners.

Affiliate commissions help us pay for the high costs of making trusted, unbiased content and keeping our platform running since our members pay for it. They also pay us for the time our staff takes to carefully check out possible affiliate partners.

  • We do extra things to make sure that the fact that we are affiliates doesn’t change our reviews and suggestions:
  • We do a lot of research on each affiliate, looking at their overall value, reputation, prices, and return policies. To keep our standards high, we turn down more offers than we accept.
  • The affiliates don’t have any say in the products or services we review and promote. To best serve our members, we base our suggestions on fair testing and evaluation.
  • We try to give fair reviews of goods and services that point out both the pros and cons. There are clear labels on promotional content.
  • If we don’t think a product or service is good enough, we won’t promote it, even if it means we’ll make affiliate commissions.

Please keep in mind that rediscoverurhealth.com may get paid as an affiliate when people click on links on the site and buy something. However, our reviews and suggestions are not affected by any affiliate partnerships. We will only promote stores, services, and goods that we know our members and site visitors will really benefit from.

Thanks for taking the time to read! For more information on how affiliate advertising helps rediscoverurhealth.com‘s goal of giving free fitness advice, please see our full Affiliate Disclosure page.

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